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Digital transformation is enabling humans to transact over a zillion ways using the power of electronic devices and internet. I attended a webinar today where one of the panelists joyously declared that we no longer need to transact through people as 100% digital business is more and more a possibility across all industrial sectors.

Of course, the customer is still a human, the person running a business is a human and your concerns are human. The idea is that, as software and devices become more sophisticated the need for humans in business transactions is reducing to zilch.

The new age…

An aging happiness

How does one stay happy all the time? They don’t.

At every stage of life we view happiness differently. The origin of H stems from many sources — confidence, security, love, trust, beauty, nature, financial wellness and so on. Most importantly it stems from wanting to be happy.

Few individuals I have met and on whom I have made a positive impact often suffer from lacking the intent. They dwell in the past, in dark places and seek assurance in others being same as them, sad or not wanting to be happy.

How to change from being…

Culture change led by corporate world

The world is struggling for a good leader right now. While we compromise with mediocrity and dying ideologies, good PR campaigns are projecting the likes of creepy Joe as do-gooders. Women in biggest democracies are hitting their head against the glass ceiling while the smaller nations are having stories of progress presented on social media nicely.

To get the real pulse of progress, ask the middle class. Neither here nor there, tongue tied and apathetic, working like robots with the occasional armchair activism.
The private sector has done quite well with adoption of technology at a furious pace. Yet the culture…

It has been a testing time these past two weeks. The energy is dropping. Shoulders are drooping and mind can’t find reasons to remain happy.

Everything is fine. Almost. Work has piled up. What was exciting before is now a chore to finish. Body feels weird. Wearing a mask all day sucks.

Still, I am better than the rest. Most days I end up working from home. …

Isolation during lock-down

What is happening to us? In one month our lives come to a standstill. Or has it really?

Barely has it been a month since India announced its lock-down in response to Corona outbreak. But its effect has not been fully felt by many who wander the streets without a care. Everyone is just thinking about themselves. No one understands how a small slip can end up with them being a carrier of the disease and the vulnerable will end up succumbing to the virus.

Yes, life cannot come to a halt. It is not natural for living beings to…

Hand washing with soap in India

In another life, the outbreak of a pandemic would be unthinkable. Fear, panic, anxiety and financial insecurities would have eaten me from within. So, I am relaxed now? I don’t know. Not yet.

Compared to so many, I can actually afford to stay home and protect myself for the longest time. From the pandemic, yes. But from other social norms and behavioral changes that I foresee with extended isolation, perhaps there is no protection. What will become, will.

After 5 days, I stepped out of my home yesterday to feel the fresh air of the April morning and buy some…

The Japanese have been much discussed on social media for dealing with Corona without much ado.

Apparently everything is attributed to their way of sanitized life and their touchless method to greet people. The powerful bow.

Great. The rest of the world is a stupid bunch of sentimental fools.

Imagine a world without touch so we can avoid germs. Think of never having to touch another human or animal to prevent infections.

I am not belittling this oriental population for their strong culture built with genuine intentions.

Just wondering. A sick child with no parents to hug. A grandparent with…

By no means make a mistake. I am not writing a love story during this horrible breakout.

I am giving out a perspective. What it means to love someone when they are extremely sick.

On January 26, 2015 I attended a lunch event at a temple in outskirts of Bangalore. Minutes after drinking water at the place, I had a weird feeling in my throat . Something was coming on for sure. Shortly after, I had some sort of flu. I was 5 years younger than today and healthy as a horse. …


Dirty Harry — the original, is an iconic movie for a reason. Life in the early 70s is a stark contrast of today’s times. Well, for the most part.

Though the characters remain same, the trendsetters of yesteryear show you a thing or two on how things get done.

At the beginning, Clint Eastwood portrays an image of a maverick cop. Little do you know he is a hardened man due to the nature of his work and the loss of his wife in an unfortunate accident.

The music is beautifully understated not to take away the real sense of…

The most annoying behaviour in modern life is trolling.

People are simply riding the waves without any knowledge of surfing. I mean metaphorically. Those with superficial subject knowledge are the most dangerous of all. They skew opinions with no basis and make monkeys out of men. No offense to monkeys, but you get the idea.

I have never known a group of people to blame the current indian government for inefficiency as much passionately as for the citizenship amendment policy.

I have never known people to be as panicky over the probability of dying from pollution as picking up a…

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Full time marketer / Amateur writer. Forever a student.

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